Blog series: Conservation Agriculture

Energizer review with the APOs

Last week, I was able to attend a week long training on Conservation Agriculture in Tamale. Two trainers from Kenyan NGO, Participatory Approaches for Integrated Development (PAFID), conducted this training of trainers for myself, two fellow PCVs and about 30 Agriculture Production Officers (APOs) from the project we are linked with.

Spring loaded ripper

It was such a detailed and well done training on such an important topic, I will be doing a four part blog series on it. I will cover the principles behind Conservation Agriculture, methods of land preparation, herbicide application as well as a comparison between conservation and conventional mechanized tillage.

Matab sprayer

By no means is the series to be a replacement for training or a definitive manual. I will not be going into all the details because honestly, to only read about it, instead of doing it, is boring. The intention is to introduce the concepts, discuss them within the context of northern Ghana and hopefully inspire some to approach farming in a different way.

So, tune in next week! I promise to include lots of pictures.


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